The Center for Development Service (CDS)

Youth PARTICIPATE: Aspirations of Youth in Egypt

CDS supports and carries out participatory development interventions across Egypt and the Middle East that enable people and organisations to use their resources effectively to improve standards of living. In particular, CDS facilitate youth-led research which enables young people to reflect on the realities they face, and develops these reflections into a basis for action.

Research activities & outputs

Ground Level Panel on Post-2015 Development Agenda, Egypt

The Center for Development Services (CDS) facilitated a ‘Ground Level Panel’ in June 2013 in Tunis Village in Fayoum, Egypt. The Panel was comprised of a diverse group of twelve men and women living with poverty and marginalisation, including urban slum dwellers, disabled people, marginalised youth, women’s rights activists and people living in rural poverty.

The 12 panelists brought their own stories, experiences and dreams and deliberated the policy proposals of the UN High Level Panel (HLP) of Eminent Persons, for a post- Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) agenda for development.

The Ground Level Panel produced a final communiqué of the outcomes of their deliberations which they presented at an outreach day in Cairo to decision-makers and the media.

Read more about the Ground Level Panel process here.

Read the reflections of Kazem Hemeida, Senior Programme Specialist at CDS on the Ground Level Panel in Egypt.


Sabah Roman Karam, one of the Panelists produced a digital story of her experience of the Ground Level Panel, entitled The Dream of the Whole World.

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