The Seed Institute

The World I Do Not Want

The Seed Institute works to inform, inspire, and mobilise community members to take action against poverty and inequality in slums and rural communities. The Seed Institute provides a platform for children across Nairobi’s poorest communities to express their aspirations, without fear, using film and drawing.

Participatory research through creative methods and video

This research aimed to provide a platform for children and women across Nairobi’s poorest communities to express their aspirations without fear using drawings, essay writing and film production. Participatory Video (PV) was used: a set of techniques whereby a group shapes and creates their own film in an accessible way for exploring shared issues and voicing concerns.

It can also help establish collaborative relationships within a group towards shared purpose as well as providing a way to communicate issues to an external audience. One PV training was conducted with six vulnerable children from the Mwiki community; over three months, they became peer researchers to explore the difficulties faced by children with disabilities. Women living with alcoholics and underage mothers also used PV.


Through the process of Participatory Video, children in Kenya created a short-film about the issues that concern them the most. It is able to see how they are aware of the problems that affect their daily lives but also the interconnections between all of them.

Research activities & outputs